TV Project

A new direction in the design duo of Myroslava&Orysia Zubachyk has its ownTV show, which will be broadcast on the  leading European channel, called "Nuances of Fashion."

Today, more than a century ago, fashion remains one of the main subjects of discussions and conversations all around the world. Regardless of gender - men or women – everyone wants to look fashionable. Fashion - is rules and characters and every era has it`s own. Especially nowadays, when the cult of fashion has reached enormous proportions. Coco Chanel once said: "People are not attracted to fashion, but those few who make it." And these few are designers, people whose mission is to serve the fashion and people. It seems that there is no best mission in the world, but this unusual and often cruel world of fashion has its own rules. To have talent is not enough to become famous. Only the daily work, diligence and total efficiency will give you a chance to become one of them - famous designers…

But it will be later, and now… 10 young but very talented designers will show all they can do to get recognition and fame in the TV project "Nuances of Fashion." This project aims to show the fashion world from all, even the most unexpected perspectives. In the light of the participants - young designers, you will see the most intimate: birth of the idea, its realization, and creative process, formation of collections, all the joys and failures, laughter and joy. This way considered to be hard, because every profession has its nuances and every nuance has it`s purpose.  But only the bravest, strongest and most self-motivated person can go through all this complicated process and won.

Project Objectives:
1. Promotion of young designers on the European fashion market;
2. Provide opportunities for young designers to develop;
3. To attract as many visitors to this project as it can be  (allow viewers to decide designers fate on this project and to led them actively participate in the project).